Photograph by Blvk Shots Photography. All rights reserved.

I am not the right man,

Though a destructive plague looms.

I’ve been requested to help. Again.

Because, I can stop the boom.


You have your faults and stats,

And an opening presumes.

It’s not that I am unable,

But you’d be rid of me soon.


You can’t see beyond beyond the others…

that the problem starts with you.

I am not the right man because I’ll indict you too.


Gamble if you want and if you can,

I hear people do change.

Till then, leave me be in peace,

Or you’ll go down with your brand.


I am the right man, the perfect man

Because my principles expand to where you stand.

But are you willing to accept a just hand?

Or only a servant under the title Yes Man?



Jacorry K. Lewis

Jacorry K. Lewis

a law student that be travelin’; i write fables, articles, and everything in between; and sometimes i’ll share them with you